Life Book 2014 – Week 5

Sugar, sugar! by Marieke Blokland

This was such a fun lesson.  Marieke had us drawing lots of sweet goodies and an exaggerated doodle Diva to create this mixed media page.

Now, being the tightly restrictive artist that I am, I cannot for the life of me easily draw something “exaggerated and out of the norm”.   I cannot help but just keep making sure that I am inside the lines and keeping things as realistic looking as possible.  Soooo frustrating…

But ok, my diva has exaggerated eyes, so I am considering her an achievement.  lol

Despite the fact that I rearranged the bottom half of the page, which subsequently stuffed it up, and of which I then decided to cover it up with fairy floss, oh and yeah, I also didn’t give my diva any ears; I absolutely loved this lesson.  🙂

Sugar, Sugar!

Sugar, Sugar!